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    Your bookkeeping and accounting partner

    Want me to take bookkeeping off your plate completely? No problem! Just need help with set up and training? Or perhaps you want to manage the daytoday tasks and let me handle the monthly reporting and balancing. These are options, too.

    Periodic QuickBooks Review and Closing

    Enjoy doing the daytoday and like keeping an eye on things, but worried you might be making mistakes? I can complement your work with a periodic review of your QuickBooks file and complete each accounting cycle for you.

    Full-Service Bookkeeping

    You love having your own business, but hate keeping up with the seemingly never-ending bookkeeping tasks. With Beneficial Bookkeeping’s Orange County Bookkeeping service you don’t have to! I can be your bookkeeper, addressing all of your ongoing bookkeeping and accounting needs. This includes:

    • Entering your daily transactions

    • Processing payroll, either live or after the fact

    • Reconciling your books

    • Analyzing your cash flow

    • Providing you with monthly financial statements

    • Preparing sales tax returns

    • Preparing your annual 1099s

    • Preparing your files for your tax accountant

    • And more

    The end result:

    Accurate financial statements and the peace of mind that your bookkeeping is being done right.