QuickBooks 2019

Intuit to Release QuickBooks 2019

Do you need to upgrade?  Maybe not.  Intuit supports each version of QuickBooks for three years, sun setting older versions the end of each May. So if you are using QuickBooks 2016 or older you’ll need to upgrade.  What happens if you don’t?  Any connected service such as merchant services, bank feeds and payroll will stop working.  Another reason to consider upgrading, should your data file corrupt beyond what a ProAdvisor can repair, you’ll be out of luck.  Intuit won’t touch it. Upgrading is cheap insurance.

What’s New

QuickBooks for Mac is back!

A year or so ago Intuit discontinued the product, but greater minds have prevailed and it’s back.  Here are some of the enhancements you can expect:

  • iCloud document sharing
  • Reconciliation Discrepancy Reports (similar to the windows desktop version)
  • Past due stamps
  • Customer and vendor e-mail tracking.  (Must be e-mailed from QuickBooks)

QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Accountant & Enterprise versions:

  • Invoice status tracker  By using the history link you can view when the invoice was created, e-mailed, viewed, paid and deposited.  All from the invoice screen.  You must be using the built-in e-mailer through QuickBooks though.  If you use Outlook, it won’t track when the invoice has been viewed. It tracks when viewed by anyone.  If you open the invoice from your sent folder, that counts and it will mark the invoice as viewed.
  • Transfer credit from job to job within a customer  This is huge for you contractors as well as others who invoice by job or project.  It does this by using a new account called “Account for Credit Transfer”.
  • Remove audit trail only option in file condense  I am not a big fan of file condensing and have always recommended using a third-party service if you needed to shrink your data file down.  Now however there is an option that can remove only the audit trail. (A report that tracks every change to every transaction, ever.)  In tests it has reduced the data file size by as much as 25%.  Only downside, you would no longer be able to see who made changes to transactions.
  • Improved check to bill pay workflow  It’s common for someone to enter a bill into QuickBooks and then later, instead of paying the bill, just write a check and code it to an expense account causing your expenses to be overstated.  Now, with QB 2019, when you write a check to a vendor that has unpaid bills you will get a warning and an option to “Go to Pay Bills” when the pay bills window opens, QB filters it down to just the vendor in question making it easy to choose the bill the payment needs to be applied to.
  • Inactive items on the Inventory Valuation Report  Quite often when comparing an inventory summary report to the balance sheet they don’t match.  A lot of the time it’s because inventory items that still have a quantity and value on hand have been made inactive.  In the past it was quite a challenge to hunt down the offending items.  Now, QB gives you a warning if you try to inactivate an item with a quantity on hand. If you ignore the warning, then, with a simple click you can have them added to the report.  The only drawback, Intuit did not include inventory assemblies in the first release.  They are aware of this and we are hoping for a fix in a future release.
  • Improved IIF import  This is something that not many people use anymore, we use the web connector or some other solution for importing.   However, if you use this feature you’ll now have the option to get a report that lists both what went right and wrong with your import.  Best of all, it works in multi user mode.
  • Improved sick and vacation pay tracking  Paychecks now show what was accrued /used in the pay period as well as year-to-date on pay stubs not just the totals anymore.  It also alerts you when time allowed has been exceed and gives you the option to override.  Pay rate changes are also now being tracked.

QuickBooks Enterprise Only

  • Pack & Ship status added to enhanced inventory picking  for mobile devices (Platinum only).  Works on Android devices only.
  • Payroll/Sensitive Information Indicator on user roles and permissions  Before, when you updated a permission that affected other permissions there was no way to know.  Now, the changes will be indicated in the user’s settings.