QuickBooks 2020 is Here

Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks will be releasing the new version of QuickBooks desktop September 16, 2019. As many of you know Intuit only supports the last two versions of desktop along with the current version.  That means, if you are using QuickBooks Desktop 2017 or earlier, it’s time to upgrade.

Below are some highlights of the new features that are available in the 2020 Pro, Premier and Enterprise Versions of QuickBooks.

General Improvements

  • Horizontally collapse columns: Now, users who use jobs or classes can view just customer totals in reports without having to scroll through all the details, export the report to Excel or spend time customizing for reports with a large number of columns.
  • Smart Help QuickBooks has improved the help experience, giving users answers to their questions faster. Users can now simply press “F1” for improved content and search options, or to access a live customer support agent through messaging or a call back option..
  • Easy Payroll Setup: With Employee Self Setup, QuickBooks delivers an easy and fast first-time-use payroll setup experience – reducing the time spent on this from hours to minutes. Business owners are given the option to invite employees to update their personal, bank and tax details via a secure link.
  • Payroll Direct Deposit Status: Business owners using QuickBooks Payroll Direct Deposit can view the detailed status of their direct deposit at any time, giving them confidence employees will be paid accurately and on time, without having to check emails or call customer support.

Payment Improvements

  • Automated Payment Reminders: Eliminating the time users spend chasing outstanding payments, QuickBooks now automatically creates reminder emails. Users can choose the content that goes within each email, tailoring the message for specific customers, and they have the opportunity to review everything before it’s sent in just a few clicks. They can also choose how many days after the due date that the reminder is sent, and they can select different days for different customers. Reminders can be scheduled in advance, and QuickBooks will provide a prompt when it’s time to send them.
  • Automatically Add Customer PO to Invoice Emails: Enabling end customers with the right information helps them make payments faster. QuickBooks now saves business owners time and energy, helping them to get paid faster by automatically adding the customer PO numbers to every invoice email. This helps end customers identify and process the correct invoice from their inbox and ensure it’s sent to the right department for prompt payment. No longer will customers have to manually search and add customer PO numbers to the subject line in every invoice email, nor will end users have to postpone payments while trying to identify the right PO data. 
  • Combine Multiple Emails: Sending a separate invoice email for every invoice can be overwhelming. Sometimes, customers unintentionally overlook invoices when they are piece-mealed, which can lead to delayed receivables. QuickBooks now gives customers the option to combine all invoices for a single customer in one email, helping to streamline the invoice email process in a professional way. Users no longer have to manually combine invoices outside of QuickBooks.

Inventory Improvements (For Enterprise Platinum only)

  • Landed cost (available for Enterprise Platinum Edition only): QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise now gives users greater visibility into actual product costs by factoring freight, duties, insurance and other miscellaneous costs incurred during the purchase cycle. This helps them make better profit, pricing & sales decisions and asset valuations and reduces the time, money, and errors associated with manual landed cost workarounds.
  • Alternative Vendors (available for Enterprise Platinum Edition only): Users of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise have the benefit of a centralized information hub containing vendor contact information and imported pricing data, allowing them to make more informed decisions and improve overall profitability. Business will save time with the readily available information and easily create purchase orders with vendor information automatically included.
  • Express Pick-Pack (available for Enterprise Platinum Edition only): QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise users can save time and effort as they are now able to complete the picking and packing operations as part of a single workflow. This makes the process faster, and enables the same person to perform the picking and packing tasks and approvals.